ÖIF integration test A2

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 ÖIF integration test A2 (IP A2)

For the ÖIF integration test A2 you have to be able to communicate on an elementary level in simple, routine situations of everyday and professional life.

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ÖIF integration test A2


Recognized language certificate for module 1 of the 2017 integration agreement (according to IV-V 2017 and IntG-DV)

ÖIF integration test A2 (IP A2)

  • Wednesday, 22.12.2021 at 10:00 a.m. in Villach


The exam consists of two parts. The language content (reading, listening, writing, speaking) and the knowledge of values and orientation (WOW). In order to get a certificate, all parts must be passed. The parts can only be stored together.

Language CONTENT

ÖIF Test 2011 (Neu)

Here you can download a test.


Knowledge of values and orientation A2

Here you can download example questions.

Examination procedure

The integration test A2 exam consists of two parts.

Written part (80 minutes): reading, listening, writing

Values and orientation knowledge (40 minutes)

Oral part (10 minutes per participant)

All parts must be filed together.

You will only receive a certificate if you pass all parts.

The exam is held by two certified ÖIF examiners. The written assessment takes place centrally in Vienna. You will receive the results directly from the ÖIF in the mail. The processing time is approx. 15 working days.

You can find more information about the examination regulations here.

Exam preparation

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